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there is no other way of seeing it, for some people
Published on February 13, 2004 By crimson In Religion
I find it interesting that there are some people who can go and say 'I respect the fact that you have your own beliefs but..." and then go on to say that their belief system is beyond and above any one else's. I think that it is this very way of thinking that continues on the sad state of spiritual freedom today. I, too, believe that every person has their right to have faith in something that is different than my own way. Where I differ from some, is that I will not go on and start ticking off reasons why my faith is better, stronger or more righteous than anyone else's. And it all boils down to this one simple question 'How do I know that my faith is the One faith?' I'm not doubting that other people may be more sure of their own feelings about their God, but how do you get to the area where it is all right to say that anyone else with opposing views is wrong?
on Feb 13, 2004
Well, from what I've experienced, it comes from a lot of things. Assurance of righteousness through the teachings of a particular faith ("I am the lord your God; Thou shalt have no other Gods before me"). That also factors greatly into the "one True Way" belief. After all, "who would want to follow the wrong faith?"

Then there's also the Ego factor. People like to think that they are right; deep down it gives them satisfaction to believe that they are righteous. It doesn't affect everyone in the same way, nor is it necessarily obvious.

Control and influence is another issue--what is the outcome of war usualy? one group of people controlling another group. Sometimes indirectly, sometimes directly. It's the same with Religious conflicts between "One True Way"ists--they seek to convert everyone to their beliefs; they are cast in the role of provider, and thus also as controller.

Personally, i try to stay out of the whole mess. One of the tenants of my religious beliefs is that it isn't the "one true way", and i don't proselytize. I've been subjected to it, and have reached a point where i don't care too much about it.