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Published on January 15, 2004 By crimson In Books
I'm currently reading Phillip K. Dick's The World That Jones Made, and so far, so good. My concern at the moment is realizing how often his works of fiction tend to get made into movies, and if this one is optioned, that they'd better do a damned good job.
It is a problem for some fans of certain authors whose books tend to get transferred into film.
To date, I don't think that I've seen a movie based on a Stephen King book that I've liked better than the book. Stand By Me, based on 'The Body' is probably the best one so far. And as far as movies that were made from Dick's works, well... Blade Runner was cool and all, but I liked it a lot better in print.
That's the thing. When you read a book, it's your own experience. Yes, the writer has written it, but most writers only write for one audience, themselves. They don't have to think about how a director envisions the whole film, how the casting agent sees the main character, or worse, how the studio wants big names only. No, the writer is generally writing for the fun of it. And without a lot of other people, the true stuff comes out.
It probably sounds as if I've got something against film vs. books, but it just ain't so. I love movies, too. However, I haven't really seen a movie as good as the original book.

here are a couple that comes close:

The Empire of The Sun Written by J.G. Ballard. Film by Steven Spielberg.
This movie was so overlooked. No awards, no nothing. But like the book it was a very moving look at a young boy's experience and understanding of war.
(Incidentally, it is the author's own experiences as a child that was the basis of the movie and book.)
Check both out.

Trainspotting Written by Irvine Welsh. Film by Danny Boyle and John Hodges.
Extremely funny, shocking, and mind-blowing. The book is a harder read due to conveyance of accents, but once you get your stride be prepared for a fun time. There are more characters featured in the novel, which is good for you greedy trainspotting film fans. Once you're done reading this, check out Porno by the same author. This book features the same characters 10 or so years down the road. Sweet.

I could go on and on, but would rather know if anyone else has any comparisons of their own to offer. I'm up for the challenge to see new flicks and read new books.
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