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Published on January 14, 2012 By crimson In Personal Relationships

I went back to my old neighborhood, and though much had changed, it was still very much the same...


My girl is 14 now, and is long-legged, healthy and fairly happy for a teenager.  She's in regular schooling once again, after going to a special school for kids with extreme learning disabilities. She started Grade 6 with a kindergarten to grade 1 reading level, and after 2 years, entered Grade 8 this year with a Grade 6 - 7 reading level. She's a bit behind, testing wise, but is keeping up with her regular class with some modifications. She is highly adept at computer presentations, note-taking and comfortable talking in front of the class. Her going away to school was the best thing for her, in many ways.


I am, as always, busy with productions, grantwriting, lame-oh jobs that pay the rent. I have been back and forth to work in the customer service/tech support industry. As always, that pay is more consistent, but wholly unsatisfying. It's not even the customers that do me in, but the unsupportive support staff at these jobs, and the people who care nothing about doing a good job.  If anyone wonders why calling to customer care is such a hassle, its because these places are poorly run. They pay a little better than minimum wage to 21 year old supervisors who power trip on the inexperienced 18 year olds, and make fun of anyone older than 30 behind their backs. Managers are non-existent, and it's all about money, money, money. Yes, I know it's an industry, but wouldn't it be better to try to keep good quality workers then continually employ fuckups and fuckoffers? 18 year olds stay for less than 4 months, 21 year old supervisors get fired in a year, and the elder/over 30s are unmotivated, bored, and unchallenged! 


Screw that. I am sticking to the arts, though it is poverty season right now. It will be 1000% better next month, but for now, I am busy crossing every T and dotting every i and absolutely hating budgets and excel. Grantwriting is not fun, but it is in full force. 


I have a new man in my life and we are speaking of sharing an apartment, getting married, getting a house. He is the best, he is strong and capable. He makes me laugh all the time, and makes me feel adored. I am grateful for his love, and surprised every moment that this is happening. The best part about it is that he is equally thankful for what we have. 


Not much has changed since I started writing here so long ago, and in the same breath, everything has changed. I am happier, have less debt, and have learned to live with what I earn, and still be happy with my choices. I am never going to be rich, but I am rich in love. I have excellent friends and a great family. Though there are always challenges, I am able to meet them head-on.  


Things are pretty damned good, indeed.



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