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Why I Can't Invest
Published on December 29, 2003 By crimson In Books
My father showed me a new book he bought. The latest by Jack Whyte. I don't know the title, and to be honest, I don't wanna know. They say his books are just up my alley. Fantasy stuff involving quests, knights, and magicians. I refuse to even look at the book description.

I'm already caught up in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I've been reading his books for years. There's still 2 books left to read, and thankfully, I heard that they are pretty much complete. Rough draft anyway. I'm sorry that Stevie has been having health problems lately and I wish him well. I don't want to put the whammy on him, because I'm glad he's pulling through. But probably around the time that Wizard and Glass came out, I vividly remember thinking that he'd better finish writing this (series) before he writes any more novels. The Dark Tower series first book came out in 1982. The final book is scheduled for November of 2004. I don't know how your math is, so I'll make the attempt for you. 22 YEARS.
Need I say more?
Jack Whyte and all the other authors of this genre, I apologize for not giving you all a chance. But I'm going to have to sit this one out.
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