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Published on May 26, 2009 By crimson In Blogging

Whatever problem I had with Joeuser in regards to accessibility no longer stands.  Once I started using a new computer, all the certificate issues, slowness, and inability to log in has disappeared. Weird.

So, a lot has changed since the last time I wrote.  The only thing left to be done in my new house is the second kitchen, and some touch up on the ceiling where it was opened up for re-wiring.   I quit my job moments before I would have gotten laid off; luckily I landed a new contract that was theatre/writing related.  Based on the contacts made from that one gig, I've gotten 2 others.  I think I will be able to make it the whole summer just doing theatre and video editing jobs, and I've got 2 acting projects lined up as well. 

Between you and me, I hate acting.  I am not a very good actor and attribute it directly to nerves.  I have a hard time memorizing lines, and always seem to miss my cues, and can't walk and talk at the same time in front of people.  But, you know, there's something destructive in me that also loves this agony. My heart races as I stand on the stage, just before I call for my line. I smirk alot, and cringe even more. It's kind of like the feeling I get when I watch a horrifically violent movie. Death, murder, mayhem, blood.  I usually have a smile on my face during the summer blockbuster action movies. As far as my own theatre prospects go, I'm only pretty damned happy when any show that I do is over.

My girl is taller than my twin, but still has a few short inches to go on me. A few.  We are in peak form at the pre-teen stage.  Everything is ohmigod! and scandal!, and I can't even approach her about fashion sense.  (Meaning that she's only 11 and I rather her not even think about that kind of stuff just yet.) She's beyond me in so many ways that I can only just sit back and watch her go.  I have been laying down the law about a lot of things that she's trying to test out: things like swearing, taking money out of the change jar, ignoring her younger cousin, sassing her auntie, and not asking for every little thing she sees on tv. It's wearing me out, but we are also in the best of times now too; she's fun to spend time with, she understands my sense of humor, and we basically love doing the same things to unwind. 

Just another little update. Just another ordinary life.

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