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Published on February 17, 2009 By crimson In Blogging

It's been more than 2 months, and me and my girl are still living in one room, waiting for construction to end.  We are close to being finished; a coat of primer, a couple more gallons of paint, and some odd jobs to finish, and then the main bedroom will be finished.  The kitchen is next, and afterwards, more painting. It's been odd to be living out of a suitcase for so long.  Odd enough that I feel like I could simply haul the still-packed boxes straight to the dump and not miss anything.

But that's a bit of a lie. I am missing things.  Like my favorite belt.  I have no idea where it went to, and had been sure that I left it in an "important" box, one of the few that were to be held back, the last to be brought in.  Unfortunately, moving day did not happen like that. Moving day was a chain of humans leading from the driveway, down the side of the house, through the back door, down the stairs, and finally, into the living room.  We basically stacked every box underneath the stairs and there was no time to arrange "important" boxes anywhere.  I had a good handle on where my financial stuff was, kept my wallet and cards close to me, and that was all. I found the bathroom stuff early on, so we have always had our toothbrushes, makeup and other toiletries, but it's the little things that I miss.  Like my belt. My favorite stripey socks. My converse sneakers. My red hoodie. My girl misses her toys. All her toys. She has a few things from Christmas, but the majority of all our belongings are packed away and its been hard to be apart from it all. 

The disturbing thing about our moving is television.  For ten years we have been without cable.  Now, without all our stuff, but easy access to the television and remote control, we've been entertained by tv. Survivor. John and Kate + 8. The Food Network.  America's Best Dance Crew. Lost. Muchmusic. The Weather Network. I have learned a lot through How It's Made, have been terrified watching all this up-to-the-minute news channels, and am sickened that my girl is in love with the Jonas Brothers. Yes, I can blame television!

Bright spot on the horizon: spring is coming.  It hasn't snowed in a week, and the majority of it has melted away.  I can make it to the shed, and will be bringing out the bike to ride to work on Thursday.  With the advent of warmer days comes the promise of construction completed, patio weather, and backyard sun.  I can't help but feel hopeful about everything.

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