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boredom, 8hrs daily
Published on November 11, 2008 By crimson In Blogging

I'm in training again, this time for Tier 2 Tech Support.  8 bloody weeks of boredom, confirmed.  My best friend at work just completed the training, and said that she felt as prepared going back on the phones as I am right now, just brand new to book training. 

How messed up does the company have to be in order to hear a sentence like that?  I'm no member of the Mensa Society, but when training for something as large but focused as tech support for Blackberry, you'd figure that it would be pretty cut and paste.  We got the technology for powerpoint presentations, screenshots of calls in action, actual devices to use as models for example work, but no... instead we are spending much time flipping from one section of the book to another.  And because work is... work, nothing is actually functioning properly... no access to specific tools, no clearance for certain sites, no seemingly recognizable order of progress in working from one topic to the next. 

In response, I've hit up the bookstore and prepared my evenings to be spent reading some good books instead of smoking nonstop, like I did the other night.

Hopefully, by the end of this, I'll be more well-read as opposed to dark-lunged.


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