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Published on November 7, 2008 By crimson In Blogging

So, the paperwork and a billion other things that had to be done before it was all done is over and we get the keys in 14 days.

Yes,  my sister bought a house this month and I'm moving, too.  It's a cute little wartime house on the end of a quiet dead end street. Central, and with an actual backyard.  2 bedrooms on the main floor and 2 downstairs, airconditioning, new appliances including a dishwasher! I am sure other people look for other more important details, but I was sold right from the first look.  It's quiet, clean, and is permanent.

Anyone who knows me, knows of the relationship between my sister and I. Hot/cold, black/white, up/down... that's what twins are like, or so I'm told.  But, after a great deal of discussion, we've decided it's for the best.  We are wasting money every month by not owning, yet neither of us were really in the financial position to actually own a home solo. We're both happy financially now, and have good opportunities to really create a more secure future.

I know it's been a long time coming, and I'm relieved.  Yes, it's going to be crazy, but what's life without crazy?



on Nov 08, 2008

Congrats on the new house, Nicky!  It's good to 'see' you here. 

on Nov 08, 2008


on Nov 08, 2008

thanks everybody!  yes, it's definitely a relief, and totally cool.  I'll post some pictures eventually, the before and after.  We've got some work to do, but for the most part, it's all cosmetic.  It's totally ready to move in right now, but we definitely want to add our own touches to the place.

on Nov 08, 2008