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or "no longer a csr, not yet an rl."
Published on October 4, 2008 By crimson In Blogging

I've not quite moved up in the company, but rather, across.  I still get paid the same, but instead of taking call after monotonous call as a csr does (That's customer service rep, of course), I help with the training of newbies. I'm not yet an RL (Which is a Relationship Leader [who the hell knows why it's called that]) but I'm a roamer, which basically means I help those who have just gotten out of class training, and are starting their first few weeks on the phones.  Whew!


I like it, though I'm surprised to admit it. The job title is apt enough; I simply walk from one side of the room to the other answering endless questions from how to login to the computers to trying to show people how to begin to understand how to resolve billing issues. I'm teaching all 4 main computer programs, hands-on, and have the great opportunity to really hear how new reps treat customers. It's blind panic, 95% of the time for them, and I certainly feel for them in these early days. With all the misinformation given at this stage of learning, I now know why I usually spend any phone time within the last year just cleaning up after other reps.


Aside from work, all is well.  My girl had a physical done.  Check this: she's 10 years old 5'2, 132 lbs, and is in women's clothing.  She's grown more than 5 inches in two and a half months. Of course, she's a doll, and I love her to bits.  I'm fine, too.  I gained some weight because I quit working out after my fitness pass expired.  I've been biking a lot though, and since I'm now on my feet all day, I can definitely feel some changes a happenin'.


And what is a post without a mention of my lovelife? 


Today's passed note in training read: "gimme ur #!" from someone I was hoping would ask me something like that.



on Oct 04, 2008

Just the other day I was wondering to mysel whatever happened to NickyG?

Glad to here all is well and that your girl is moving on up. I know JU sucks now but still...don't be such a stranger Nick!

on Oct 04, 2008

Nicky you really, really brighten up the place.

It is so nice to hear an update about you and Kole. Now, we just have to await your next entry about what happens after the number is given!