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Published on May 1, 2008 By crimson In Blogging

I did my taxes in fine time, just a week before the deadline. Not worried about oweing considering the lame-oh amount of fundage I pulled in. I'm not going to get any back either, though, but hopefully the osap hounds will quit dogging me for a bit.

The weather's been a beaut this past week with temps in the eighties, and even though its slowly getting cooler, I'm no longer frightened about another dump-on this year. We did get snow 2 days ago, for like seven seconds which melted before it even hit the ground. Odd to see it flying around but not end up with a big mess to clean up later. It was a long and snowy winter, and though those weather analysts may know fer shure what the summer will be like because of it, I'm simply hoping for a not-too-humid experience.

I am so anti-love these days which is odd for spring. In fact, I'm pretty anti- about everything, except for being a parent. I'm happy and content whenever I'm with her, even though my work schedules seem to prevent every good mini-vacation we dream up.  Both jobs are steady, with the theatrework starting to really gear up. Construction finally begins, after a whole 8 months or so of waiting, waiting, waiting.

But back to my girl.

Tall as ever, and just so perfectly lovely. Don't get me wrong, she's got a temper and has a few faults here and there, but we just seem to be in step with one another... I can't complain about a thing. She's had two boyfriends this year, which, thankfully is still very innocent ("Ewww, of course we don't kiss!") and just means they hang out at recess time. Her preteen idol is still Zac Efron, and until that changes, I'm going to just hold steady here...

We are going to tour the school she may end up transferring to in another year and a half. Finally she's starting to accept the prospect of going away to the demonstration school, and is sort of looking forward to it, even.  I think she's beginning to realize how important it will be for her future, rather than just focusing on what she might miss while she's there. With my busy work schedules, I think she also understands that she won't be missing out on much during the weekdays, and since she'll be back on the weekends, it will be fine.

Nothing much going on in between life and work. I was gaining some pounds again, due to my fulltime switch to a desk job, but since the good weather has arrived, I've been bike riding everywhere.  Nothing like pedalling like crazy, dodging traffic, and feeling the wind in my hair.

Things are all right. Things are just fine.


on May 01, 2008


So good to see you and it's always good to hear about Kole. I love how you talk about her, the love really shows. You two are very lucky to have each other.

Now, about that weather. I could use some 80's here. I can totally relate to the long, dark and snowy winter. Enough!

Good to see ya again.

on May 02, 2008
We are on a roller coaster weather wise. Fortunately, the lows are above freezing now, but having a 35 degree morning after an 80 degree day really sucks.

I have been working with a guy who lives in Denver (he is out here on a special project). He is going home to snow. Now that would really suck!
on May 02, 2008

I love the way you talk about your daughter.

You are a very special woman, two jobs, kid, theater.

Here's hoping you stay strong.


on May 02, 2008
Things are all right. Things are just fine.

Glad to hear that Nick. Always glad to see your post too.
on May 03, 2008
Glad things are going fine for ya.
on May 05, 2008
Heya Nick,

Yep, it is good to see you. What with two jobs and Kole, I'm surprised you even get time to think about writing, let alone putting pen to paper (so to speak). But, as others have said, I'm always glad when you do.