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e-tests and everything else
Published on April 15, 2008 By crimson In Blogging

After 22 days without writing, you'd think I'd be chock full 'o stories and such, but nope, not really.

Not much has been going on.  A couple of weeks of just working, Saturday trips to the Farmer's Market, Sunday afternoons renting videos, and dinners for two at the kitchen table.  My cooking skills are fairly adequate.  The only thing that really limits me to branch out from a plain and predictable menu is my child who simply likes things plain and predictable.  The plus is that dinners usually take 20 minutes or less to make, the minus is that our menus are rarely more than eggs, stir-fry, spaghetti, and occasionally a chicken dinner.  It's kinda boring, but at least she'll eat it.  I try to make changes to my own meals, by adding spice or different vegetables, but more than occasionally, I don't really manage to get my act together. I'd lazily eat the same meals if it means 10 minutes less in preparation time.

My sister's car failed the e-test.  It was a clunker, and was ugly to boot, but it was getting us places, albeit noisy and slowly.  She's pricing brand new cars now, and it's driving me insane. I hate hearing details about percentages down, financing rates, 72 month agreements and such. I'm sure she thinks I'm jealous when I don't pay as much attention to her as she talks about every second, but I'm not. Just bored of it all.  I'm not a detail person, really.

Work is work.  I don't care either way about it, so I'm rarely bothered by anything that goes on; customers' issues, office politics, social groups and gossip, or whatever comes up in a large work environment.  I am just making it day by day, call by call.  When I get home, I don't bitch about work, I don't obsess about every little thing.

And that's really it these days. Nothing much at all.

on Apr 15, 2008

Sometimes life just doesn't offer any inspiration, does it?  But maybe it is a lull and you'll have a whole lot of things you want to write about soon.  I hope you do as I've missed reading you.

on Apr 16, 2008

Hi, Nick.  Missed ya. 

on Apr 16, 2008
I hate the new car purchase dance as well. I understand it is necessary (other than your house, it is the biggest financial decision most people make). But that does not make it palatable.

Good luck to your sister.
on Apr 16, 2008

22 days too long!

You are such a sweet mom to make things your gal will love.