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Published on March 23, 2005 By crimson In Blogging
I have a new supervisor at work that I bloody well can't stand. I wish I was in Shovelheat's position, waving goodbye to her, instead, I'm having to wait to see if her behavior is 'just for show' since she's new here and feels the need to show us who's boss.

But mygod, I don't think I'm going to last. I've seriously started thinking up ways to get her canned, or at least, get her off of my team. The only other options is for me to see if I can get transferred to another team, but in my own territorial way: I was here first, damn it.

The thing that sucks is this: it's not the best job in the world, but having a good supervisor makes it easier to show up. Knowing that your higher-up can handle your occasional problems willingly makes all the difference. Now, it's like pulling nails to get this one to even do her job, let alone do it without showing some sign of exasperation, irritation, or superiority. Now I know just how good my former supervisors actually were. Even the worst of the lot is a shining star in comparison.

But, I was going out of my way to give her a chance. I've smiled more often, tried to talk to her regularly, and have tried to improve on specific stats challenges, all to no avail. She is still a downright, lazy, haughty ass.

So, it's either me or her, baby. And right now, if they gave me my walking papers, I wouldn't even blink, but smile in relief.

on Mar 23, 2005
I'm being moved onto a new team where I work in the next week or so. I can only hope my new boss is someone I can get along with. On my old team, while the work I was doing didn't interest me at all, my coworkers and all the managers in my area absolutely rocked. They made it bearable to come to a crummy job every day. Now I'm being moved onto another crummy job in the company, if the team is crummy it's going to really really suck.

Best of luck with your PITA Boss!
on Mar 23, 2005
My husband was in the same position and got transferred to a new group.  He's much happier now and is working with a "team" instead of working "for a boss".
on Mar 23, 2005
Aw Nic--that sucks. The people you work with is far more important than the job you do, in terms of making you happy.

If you want, I could make a voodoo doll in her image!
on Mar 23, 2005
Well if she isnt doing her job at all, then she will be the one to be dismissed. It'll just take some time. Hang in there!!
on Mar 23, 2005
How very teeth grinding. She sounds old fashioned, having such an attitude that supervisors boss instead of lead and guide.

It's a pain to have to work with someone like that. If she's digging her heels in and staying like that, maybe it's better you move away.