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My father took my daughter away to visit my brother up north. She'll be gone for 5 days, the longest we've ever spent apart. Since I'm working nights, I actually have the time to go out and live it up a bit, but I don't really.

My mother hates staying alone by herself. So she asked me to come spend the nights with her while he's gone, and I've done so, but somewhat reluctantly. I've managed to work out a system though, where I will get a cab home if I've had a couple of beers, and she seems fine by it. Amused in fact.

I'm far more talkative, and she's doing a lot of prying in her motherly way. We've talked more than we have in years, and I enjoy it. Since my sister and I have had our own children, we rarely get to spend time alone with our mom. I've been lucky, now, I see.

And it's funny, but wherever she and my dad are, I've always referred to their home as mine. Even when I've been living on my own for the past 6 years. Does this ever change?

I hope not.

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