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Published on December 5, 2004 By crimson In Blogging
I loooove Sundays. Not being the religious type, I do have my rituals. Today:

Wake up, turn the radio on. Get the book from the bedside table. Read a couple of chapters. Get up. Go to the bathroom and start reading my other book by the roll holder. Go into the kitchen. Make some breakfast. (usually toast and dippy eggs) Warm up the car. Hunt for loose change. Go to the coffee shop and get an XL double double. Pick up Kole. Go to the bookstore. Go for another coffee. Hang downtown. Play basketball. Go to parents' house for Sunday dinner. Go for a long drive before going home. Make popcorn. Play cards. Go to bed after washing up.

And that's that.

on Dec 05, 2004
Sounds like your enjoying yourself, good for you
on Dec 05, 2004
Sounds like a good day to me... Have fun!

on Dec 05, 2004
That sounds like a great way to spend the day!